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AAC Leadership

Executive Director–Todd Hall
9 Forest Road, Whitby, Ontario L1N 3N7
1.866.582.9595 | admin@auditingcanada.com

Management Committee

Doreen van Gradulewski, CHSMSA, CRSP, CHSC

Malcolm Marston, P. Eng, EP(EMSLA), LEED AP
First Vice President

Peter Beukema, P.Eng., EP(CEA), EP(EMSLA)
Past President

Kathleen Pritchard, EP(CEA), EP(EMSLA)

Lisa Lin, EP(CEA)

Board of Directors

Haneen Altahir
Bram Ashwell
Peter Beukema
Rebecca Cameron
James Davies
Robyn Frizzell
Susan Girt
Todd Hall
Duncan Hawkins
Michael W. Herald
Troy Herring
Sue Keane
Glenn Keays
Lisa Lin
Brenda MacDonald
Malcolm B. Marston
Rosalie Martin
Renee Morais
Shirley Neault
Sunil Phool
Kathleen H. Pritchard
Travis Ritchie
Doreen von Gradulewski

AAC Executive Director

Todd Hall has been involved in the Auditing Association since its inception in the early 1990s. He became a board member in 2005, and has served on various committees. In 2011, he became the President and is currently the immediate past President.

Todd has over 25 years’ experience in auditing, management systems and risk assurance. His background is extensive and he is a sought after consultant, facilitator and presenter on the subjects.

He has performed numerous audits including compliance, management system and business continuity audits. Todd has assisted numerous organizations develop environmental and integrated management systems and audit programs including the integration of compliance and management system audit programs.

Currently Todd is actively involved in climate change adaptation and risk assessment with a variety of government and industry sectors. He chairs numerous committees on climate change adaptation.

Todd is certified by the Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB) an organization accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and ISO 17024:2003, He has the certification designation of Environmental Management System Lead Auditor EP (EMS-LA), and EP (CEA).

AAC President

Mr. Peter Beukema is Professional Engineer and a graduate of the University of Waterloo’s Civil Engineering Co-op Program in 1984. He became a Professional Engineer in 1986.

Peter has extensive experience in regulatory compliance in each of the Canadian Provinces and has assisted numerous organizations in government, healthcare, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, energy, mining and automotive sectors across Canada. 

Peter has also developed and delivered ISO 14000 and other Environmental Management courses and continues to assist organizations with the maintenance, internal auditing and improvement of their EMS’s and Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems and many other sustainability, compliance and continuous improvement initiatives. 

Peter is a member of the Auditing Association of Canada (AAC) and was one of 58 individuals across Canada who received “grand-parenting” status in 1996 as a Certified Environmental Auditor (CEA). In 2000, he obtained his Environmental Management System Lead Auditor (EMS (LA)) designation from the AAC. Peter is a member of the Board of Directors, a role he has fulfilled since 2011. In 2015 he became the Vice President of the AAC and more recently assumed the role of AAC President in May, 2017.

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