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MOU signed with Environmental Auditing Association of Mongolia

On September 29, 2017, Shirley Neault, AAC Board Member, sponsored a one (1) day session in the offices of her employer, HudBay as we discussed Auditing Practices with a delegation from the Environmental Auditing Association of Mongolia (EAAM) and Mongolian government officials. The afternoon was devoted to an exchange of information between EAAM and the AAC and culminated with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between EAAM and AAC.  The meeting was attended by Shirley Neault, Todd Hall (Executive Director) and Peter Beukema (President) as representatives of the AAC. We hope that future opportunities will present themselves as we continue our dialogue with EAAM.

Picture in the photo on the home page carousel:

 Left to Right Seated:

Mr. Altansukh Ochir Executive Director, Environmental Audit Association of Mongolia

Mr. Todd Hall, Executive Director, AAC

 Left to Right Standing:

 Mr. Tuvdendorj Gantumur, Director General of Accounting Policy Department, Ministry of Finance

 Mr. Odkhuu Tserenjav, Director General of Monitoring and Evaluation and Internal Audit Department, Ministry of Mines and Heavy Industry

 Mr. Enkhbat Altangerel, Head of EIA and Audit Division, Ministry of Environment and Tourism

 Ms. Odontsetseg Sodnompil, Auditor of Performance Audit Department,
National Audit Office of the Government of Mongolia

 Ms. Shirley Neault, AAC Board Member

 Ms. Orgilmaa Baatarchuluun, Specialist of Mining Audit, Environment and Tourism Department of Umnugovi

 Mr. Peter Beukema, President, AAC

 Mr. Azjargal Zoljargal, Specialist of EIA and Audit Division, Ministry of Environment and Tourism

 Ms. Anarmaa Sharkhuu, Environment and Climate Change Specialist-Lead,
Strengthening Extractive Sector in Mongolia Project

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