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If you have invested in ISO 14001 or another ISO Management Standard, change is in the wind.

 Some of our AAC members sit on the Standards Council of Canada Committee which has input into the ISO series of standards.  The High Level Structure will be reviewed in the upcoming meetings in Berlin.  Attend the following webinar for information or contact Brenda MacDonald (brenda.macdonald@nspower.ca) if you have comments.

Note: This is a time-dated annoucement to participate in a webinar to help form a Canadian position. Reserve your seat now for Wednesday, May 16th at 11 AM EDT.  

See a summary of the webinar below or go straight to http://www.e2management.com/webinar.asp for more details.

The High Level Structure (HLS) is  actually the (relatively) new framework upon which ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and  other ISO management systems are based on. It was added into ISO Directives  in 2012.

This framework is up for review  by ISO. This has implications on changes that may drive revisions in ISO  management system standards.

If you have invested in ISO  14001, or other management system standards under the ISO brand and believe  the believe that it needs to be improved, ensure your views are made known.  This webinar is your chance to provide input to Canadian negotiators that  have the responsibiilty to formulate Canada’s official position on a revision  of the framework.

This is a time-dated issue as  Canada’s position must be submitted in late May. Concerns of ‘interested  parties’ or stakholders will be collated and submitted to the national  committee.

Your concerns will be taken into  account in Canada’s submission to the international forum.   Register for the webinar now - http://www.e2management.com/webinar.asp




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