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Public Review: Draft CSA W211 Management Standard for Stormwater Systems

Available for Public Review March 10 - May 10, 2021 at:

CSA W211 Public Review-English and CSA W211 Public Review - French

CSA W211, a new standard currently under development, will provide a methodical approach to manage stormwater systems, particularly in light of their potential impacts on water quality and supply and the effects of climate change on service level requirements.

This Standard is intended for use by persons or orgainzations that own, manage and/or operate a stormwater system. It will be of interest to senior ledership who make decisions on budgets, policies and objectives of their stormwater system. It also provides a framework to ensure that persons responsible for the day to day management of the system are provided with guidance regarding the informaiotn needed to develop a Management Plan. It includes publically owned stormwater systems, areas not subject to permafrost and privately-owned systems that connect into the publically owned system. It does not cover the memagement of drinking water or wastewater systems except where they intersect or impact the stormwater system.

The Standard is written such that it can be applied to any size municipality across Canada. Since there is a vast difference in complexities between municipalities and avaialble resources to managem stormwater systems, the content of the Standard focuses on the processes, procedures, policies, strategies that should be developed. At the same time, it provides flexibility regarding these processes etc. to meet the scale and capabilities of a system owner. 

The key topic areas include identification for the processes, procedures, polieies and strategies related to: 

  • Planning aspects for the management of a stormwater system
  • Management System Approach 
  • Organizational Structure, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Document and REcords Control
  • Stormwater System Description
  • Risk Management 
  • Planning for Operations
  • Design and Construction
  • Levels of Service
  • Infrasturcture 
  • Emergency Management
  • Internal Verification
  • Management Review & Improvement

Annex A - Bibliography with documents of interest (infomative)

Annex B - Watershed Planning documents (informative) - Examples of how watershed information can be used

Annex C - Hazard Occurences for Risk Assessment (informative) - Brief overview of a risk assessment process and how hazard occurences can be integrated

Annex D - Life Cycle Cost Analysis (informative) - Brief overview of key aspects

Annex E - Example Schematic illustrating relationships between various processes