Provisional Environmental Auditor Program

AAC offers the Provisional Environmental Auditor (PEA) program as an enhanced membership category for individuals who have acquired the formal training requirements for certification but are lacking in field experience.

Provisional Environmental Auditor Membership – Qualification Criteria

Audit Experience  
Number of Audit days: 0-20
Number of Audits: 0-4
On-the-Job Experience (Years)  
Environmental experience based on educational background
Secondary School: minimum 3 years
Non-related Degree: minimum 2 years
Related Degree: none required


Application Fee $50.00
Provisional Appeal Fee $50.00

For more information, contact the AAC Executive Director at 1.866.582.9595 or by email at admin@auditingcanada.com.

Download the Qualification Criteria for Provisional Environmental Auditors and a copy of the PEA Auditor application.