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General Member

Membership is open to all individuals directly or indirectly involved with environmental and/or health and safety auditing. Our membership base covers all sectors and includes EHS managers, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 registration auditors, EHS scientists, engineers, professional foresters, accountants and lawyers, and other areas of specialization.

Regular Membership: $245 plus GST/HST

Student Member

Students attending educational institutions who are interested in environmental and/or health and safety auditing can gain an advantage by joining AAC and having access to many of the benefits of membership while staying informed about current developments in the profession.

Student Membership: $30 plus GST/HST

Corporate Member

Corporate memberships are available to organizations wishing to gain recognition by supporting AAC activities and also accessing AAC membership services.

Where more than one AAC member works for a Corporation, discounted membership fees may apply. Corporate members enjoy all the rights of regular members.  For further information about the benefits of corporate membership, please contact the AAC Executive Director by phone: 1.866.582.9595 or email:

Certified Health and Safety Management System Auditor (CHSMSA)

All Certified Health and Safety Management System Auditors must remain AAC members in good standing.

Application/Certification: $490 + GST/HST

Annual Maintenance: $245 + GST/HST

Note: A discount of approximately 50% applies to the annual maintenance fees for CHSMSAs who also have a CRSP designation (i.e. CRSP application fee is $245.00 and the annual maintenance fee is $125.00).

Provisional Environmental Auditor (PEA)

Application/Certification: $50 + GST/HST