Submission Guidelines


AAC is seeking well-written how-to information, personal insights and experiences, advice and analysis on environmental, health and safety (EHS) topic, of interest to our membership. Articles should be concise, informative, entertaining and written in a conversational tone.

Please review requirements for AAC website submissions in the AAC Procedure AAC PROC-1207-1, Website Submissions or contact the AAC Executive Director/Registrar prior to submitting ideas or articles.

Article Categories

Main categories and suggested topics or themes found under each category are summarized below.

  • Environmental and/or Health and Safety Auditing – compliance, management system, first party from an employee or contracted service perspective, second or third party audits, due diligence.
  • Environmental Management — compliance, management systems (ISO 14001, other systems), unique elements of a system, as a component of an integrated management system.
  • Health and Safety Management — compliance, management systems (OHSAS 18001, other systems), unique elements of a system, behavior-based safety, process safety management, as a component of an integrated management system.
  • Aspects, Risks and Hazards – identification models, evaluation techniques, control implementation tools, and objective and targets tools, performance metrics.
  • Non-Conformity, Corrective Action and Preventive Action – accident and incident reporting techniques, recording systems (unique functional company model, commercial or one-off software*), root cause analysis techniques.
  • Climate Change — GHG verifier insights and experiences, regulatory overviews, carbon foot-printing, emissions trading mechanisms, successful projects, public reporting, energy management.
  • Sustainability — strategy, programs, successful projects, cross-functional tie-ins with other business functions, business case briefings, corporate citizenship and corporate reporting.
  • Analysis, News and Notes — brief posts on new laws, regulations, guidance or events, personal commentary on important EHS issues and book reviews. News posts (e. g. brief posts on new laws, regulations, guidance or events) should be one to two paragraphs in length and should contain a link to a regulatory agency website or other source of additional information.
  • Personal anecdotal experiences (humour, lessons learned…)
  • Topics of interest to the audit profession, such as, information security management, records management, transportation safety management, quality management, fire code compliance, etc.

*AAC is not interested in publishing product reviews.

Length and Images

We prefer short articles that are concise - less than 1,000 words. Longer articles will be considered, but at the discretion of the AAC they may be divided into a series of shorter articles.

We encourage authors to include photographs or images in their articles, but authors should ensure that they have permission to use the provided images prior to submitting them to us. Be sure to review AAC PROC – 1207 – 1, Website Submissions, which provides details on both text and photos. Please provide a caption for each image. We may be able to provide a stock photo to accompany articles that are submitted without images.

Author Information and Image Credits

Author information consisting of a one-sentence to one-paragraph long biographical description is published at the end of every article. Author information may include a hot-link to the author’s company, but must not contain personal contact information. Please provide author information when submitting an article for publication and note the source of any images included with the article.

Queries and Submittals

To see if AAC could be interested in receiving an article on a particular subject or for any inquires related to a submission, please send a brief e-mail outlining the article idea or question to Articles and images should be sent as an e-mail attachment to the same email address. Please use Microsoft Word for articles and jpeg files or PowerPoint for images.

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