Conference Presentations

Auditing Association of Canada Annual Conference 2018

a. 2018 Conference Agenda

b. Canada's New Environmental Landscape

c. Amendments to Alberta's OHSA

d. Railway Safety Auditing

e. Building Disaster Resiliency - Lessons Learned from the Fort McMurrary Fire

f. OHS in Construction

h. BC OHS Workplace Inspections and Enforcement

Changes to Alberta's Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and What They Mean to You

k. Implementing HSE Management Systems from Oil & Gas to Rail

l. ISO 45001 - Review of Changes

m. OHS Systems - A Client Perspective

n. Managing Risks and Building Relationships through Independent Audits

p. Auditors - A Species at Risk

Auditing Association of Canada Annual Conference 2017

01. 2017 Conference Agenda

02. Update from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

03. Societal Resistance to Climate Change

04. Risks Associated with Natural Disasters

05. Changes to Federal Environmental Emergencies Regulations

06. Recent Policy Developments and the Rise of Climate Related Securities Exposure

07. Implications of Climate Change Initiatives on the Electricity Sector

08. Ontario's Drinking Water Quality Management Standard

09. Exhibitor Presentation - BSI

10. Exhibitor Presentation - ECO Canada

11. Exhibitor Presentation - IHSA

12. Exhibitor Presentation - RegScan

13. Standardizing Audits for Integrated Management Systems

14. Mitigating OHS Legal Risk by Legislative Auditing

15. Process Safety Auditing and the new CSA Standard Z767-17

16. Driving Safety Performance through Auditing

17. Managing Risk in the Chemical Sector

18. Health and Safety Tools in the Mining Sector

19. CSA Z773 Environmental Compliance Auditing

20. Value Added Auditing

21. Value Added Auditing - ECO Canada

22. ISO 14001:2015 at McCain Foods

23. Integrating Environmental Management Systems at General Motors

24. ISO 14001:2015 - Help Tools from a Negiotiator

Auditing Association of Canada Annual Conference 2015

Business Sustainability Requires Ethics

Implementing Sustainability at Hydro One

Sustainability Initiatives and Environmental Management at HRM

Loblaw Co. and Sustainability

Ensuring Health Oceans for the Future - An Auditing Perspective

Sustainability and 3rd Party Certifications

Canadian Regiatered Safety Professional (CRSP) Certification

Auditor Candidate Development - A Challenge for Us All

Transport Canada's Airport Safety Management System Planning for Failure CAR 107

Report from the ISO 14001 Colloquium VII

Changes to ISO 14001:2015 from a Registrar's Perspective

Improving the Value of Audits

Risk Assessment Related to Ontario Drinking Water Qulaity Management

Risk Assessment Related to Ontario Drinking Water Qulaity Management

Environmental Risk Management at the Halifax Port Authority

Transport Canada Airport Lease Monitoring

Insurance Industry's Perpsective on Climate Change Risk

Legal Perspecitve on Climate Change

Climate Change Risk and Adaptation in Nova Scotia

Verification of Claims for Carbon Offsets

Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification in Canada

Climate Change Adaptation: A Study in Risk Management

The Sydney Tar Pond Model

Environmental Protection and Auditing During the Decomissioning Process

An Introduction to Sustainable Remediation

2015 Conference Agenda

Auditing Association of Canada Annual Conference 2014

EMS Benefits to Structured Decision Making

A Case Study of an Alternative Accounts Assessment for Mine Water Disposal

Accreditation Trends

Third party verification of an organization’s capabilities, resources to carry out specified conformity assessment activities eg. management systems accreditation

Auditing Canada - ISO 14001 Summary of Proposed Revisions

Clause by clause review of the changes in ISO 14001

Auditing Insights from the CB's Perspective

Summary of insights from a certification body including global auditing trends, five ways to improve your internal audit culture, upcoming changes to standards, integrated management and effects on au…

Benefits and Challenges of IMS, A Registrar's Perspective

Exploration of the trends, drivers and benefits of integrated management systems and the challenges of implementation and auditing these systems.

EP Certification Recognizing Environmental Auditing Excellence

an introduction to ECO Canada and a review of the launch of the Environmental Certification Program and the benefits of the Environmental Professional (EP) Certification of auditors.

ERM and Governance

Overview of the Suncor Operations Excellence Management System (OEMS) and the long term benefits of operational excellence.

IMS Colloquium Seeding

Integrated Management System questions used to set the stage for colloquium discussions.

Management Systems Emerging Themes and Lessons Learned

Lessons learned for successful management system improvements including a review of why change is needed, finding the best solution and delivering on those improvements.

MS Standards Update

Update on the development of ISO/DIS19600 Compliance Management Systems - Guidelines including the revised framework and key changes.

Onshore Pipeline REgulations Management Systems and Audits

Overview of the NEB and what they do.  Summary of the evolution of the Onshore Pipeline Regulations and their management system requirements.  Review of the NEB protocol and audits.

Auditing Association of Canada Annual Conference 2013

Responsible Distribution Code of Practice

A presentation on the systems approach in support of the Responsible Distribution Code of Practice, including Quality and Environmental management requirements (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 system registrat…

ISO 50001 Energy Management System

The ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard the development of added ISO 50000 family standards for EnMS auditing, auditors, and EnMS implementation. Discussion includes: what is ISO 5000…

ISO 26000, Guidance for Social Responsibility

An introduction to the ISO 26000 standard on Social Responsibility. Discussion includes: ISO 26000 Social Responsibility: Why? ISO 26000 and ISO14001, & OHSAS 18001, GRI and AA 1000 A…

LEED Rating System

Discussion includes: focus on energy criteria, main credit categories, certification levels, testing and verification, professional training and certification, and changes in 2013.

ISO 14001

Lynn shares first-hand knowledge of the revision activity on ISO 14001 that will drive fundamental changes in content, format, and user value, and how the revision experience with 14001 may affect all…

Impacts of Managing Risk

Engaging employees in making decisions that support the environment using the EARTH 1st program. This Environmental Performance Review (EPR) program was designed to optimize environmental performance …

Business Continuity - Risks and Recovery

Natural disasters can have a devastating impact on organizations that have not recognized the associated business continuity and environment, health & safety risks, and that do not have a robust recov…

Impacts of Managing Risk2

A shared sense of leadership's values and vision is a critical first step in motivating employees to be mutually accountable for their safety. Peter will share how Norbord assessed and transformed its…

Suncor Enterprise Risk Management

Suncor has developed an Enterprise Risk Management approach that builds off the risk management and related controls elements in Suncor's Operations Excellence Management System. Discussion includes i…

Climate Change Risk

Discussion includes impacts of climate change on physical assets climate change risk - a management issue for any business key dimensions of climate risk for management attention to climate ch…

Enterprise Risk Management

Cameco has had an ERM program for several years. Discussion includes an overview of the ERM program and the organizational structure that supports it. how risk assessment links to ownership an…

Compliance Auditing

Provincial or National Fire Code requirements are routinely a factor in Environmental and/or Health & Safety Compliance Auditing as it relates to storage tank management, life safety and the managemen…

Sustainable Electricity

Sustainable electricity is a mandatory industry-wide sustainability program developed and implemented by the electric utility members of CEA. Discussion includes CEA’s - Sustainable Electricit…

EHS Performance

EHS performance outcomes are a direct result of the culture created within an organization, and therefore improvement opportunities must target how leaders use their skills to make a step change. Lead…

EHS Management in Gold Mining

Insights into challenges related to developing, implementing and auditing EHS management systems for multiple gold mine operations in Russia, Kazakhstan and Africa and provide an overview of the socia…

Beyond Safety

AMEC's Beyond Zero safety program, was developed to help achieve sustainable world-class Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance for AMEC globally. Beyond Zero has fostered an HSE cult…

Certificate of Recognition Program

COR - Certificate of Recognition- is a health and safety certification program. National standard supported by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Association (CFCSA). Aimed at driving pos…

Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Corporate sustainability reporting has changed over the years and this presentation will cover the modern aspects of reporting vis-a-vis environmental management and corporate reporting trends and ind…

Verification of GHG Assertions

Verification of GHG assertions requires an approach that differs from typical ISO related Management System Auditing. The differences between the two approaches will be highlighted. Discussion includ…