EHS Performance

EHS performance outcomes are a direct result of the culture created within an organization, and therefore improvement opportunities must target how leaders use their skills to make a step change. Leaders literally need to see how current at-risk conditions and behaviours result in EHS vulnerabilities. Through an on the ground intervention process, these vulnerabilities are identified, and when assembled produce a picture of the real performance of an operation. Exploration of

  • why improvement programs are not making a difference
  • performance focused diagnostic objectives
  • dynamics of performance achievement
  • case for change
  • interacting with leaders
  • using powerful interactions
  • establishing clear expectations
  • enhancing engagement effectiveness
  • improving control of work processes, hazard identification, competency building and coaching
  • high impact safety training, skills development
  • leaders and their crews – improving time together

Presenter: Judy Fedorowick, Partner Performance and Assurance Lead ERM