Business Continuity - Risks and Recovery

Natural disasters can have a devastating impact on organizations that have not recognized the associated business continuity and environment, health & safety risks, and that do not have a robust recovery plan. Case studies illustrate why some companies are able to get back to business with minimal losses/downtime and why others don't do as well. Includes discussion of

  • the impacts of natural and societal risks on supply chain and their consequence on business continuity
  • the importance Business Continuity Planning
  • the objectives of a continuity management program
  • the difference between continuity management program and emergency planning
  • risks that can affect your company
  • recovering from disaster
  • best practices.

Business Continuity Planning Is Important - 60% of companies face annually an unforeseen disruption and 40% shutdown due to a lack of a continuity plan.

Presenter: Walid Khayate, ABCP, M.Eng, M.Sc.A, Eng., AON Risk Solutions

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