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chsmsa application - new & recertification process

Initial Certification Application Assessment and Exam Requirements

The initial application involves several elements be provided and verified for assessment by the CHSMSA Registrar and assigned AAC representative(s):

To Start:

Become familiar with the certification / re-certification process to start assembling all required information and to confirm you meet qualification criteria.

Confirm AAC Membership Status:

If you have determined you meet the qualification criteria, confirm your current AAC member status.

To apply for the CHSMSA designation, the applicant must be: 

  • A current member in good standing of the AAC (including all applicable dues paid). 


  • If not a current member, either:
    • Join AAC as a member prior to applying, or
    • Include non-member status information in the application package, and join AAC based on the status of your application.

All CHSMSAs are members of AAC.

If not already a member, become a member either before submitting the application OR after confirmation your application is approved for proceeding to examination.

Join Us

Application Package Preparation & Submission:

Complete and submit the application and supporting information forms, along with required support documentation to confirm the eligibility criteria are met as required by the BOSK.:

Form 1 - Sign the Applicant Acknowledgement, Release and Indemnity Form.

Form 2 - CHSMSA Application Form with Audit Experience Logs. Include the most last 3-years of Auditing Experience (with contacts).

Form 3 - Professional Development Form with Logs.

Reminder: Application and AAC membership fees are discounted if you have a current Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation. Please include CRSP confirmation documentation with your application if it applies.

Application Fees:

CHSMSA (CRSP) $245 CAD plus taxes

CHSMSA (Non-CRSP) $490 CAD plus taxes

Pay by cheque or online. 

Application fees are to be submitted with/at the same time as the completed application package. 

    Submit to:

    Auditing Association of Canada

    6 Wigston Private

    Ottawa, ON, K1Y 1K9


    Submit electronically. Please notify AAC in advance of electronic submissions. 


    Be familiar with the Exam Process and co-ordinate with AAC for the time and place for the proctored exam.

    Applicants who qualify will write the proctored CHSMSA exam based in part on AAC’s BOSK for CHSMSA’s and a demonstration of a thorough understanding of, and commitment to abide by, the AAC's Code of Ethics.

    The AAC Recertification Review Panel will review and verify the application and recertification forms, logs and accompanying materials.

    The pass threshold is 75% for the exam. 

    For inquiries / questions, contact us at

    Certification Maintenance & Recertification Assessment Requirements 

    To maintain certification, CHSMSAs shall be recertified every five years.

    Recertification Process 

    Recertification is achieved by providing documentation and audit/professional development logs, similar to those for new applications, to demonstrate the applicant meets the requirements prescribed by AAC.

      • Certified CHSMSAs must have maintained high standards of conduct and have abided by the AAC’s Code of Ethics.
      • The recertification process ensures the ongoing maintenance and continuous development of competency, skills and knowledge.

    Recognized Equivalence to Auditing Experience

    It is expected that as a result of career progression, some auditors may gradually become less involved in hands-on aspects of Health and Safety audits and more involved in managing audit functions.


      • Auditing-related activities will be recognized as equivalent to auditing experience to a maximum of 50% of the professional practice requirement. 
      • Activities that count as credit towards professional practice include such areas as managing audits or developing audit protocols.

    No fees are required to be submitted with recertification applications 

    for applicants whose CHSMSA certification has not lapsed.

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