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Auditing Association of Canada

L’Association canadienne de v√©rification

Supporting EHS and Risk Management - Since 1991


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Mission Statement

Our Mission…

To build an association that represents, support and promote our members in their chosen auditing professions, and enable them to develop themselves and provide quality services in a way that advances the public interest.

In the pursuit of our mission and the delivery of services to our members, the profession, and the public, we are committed to: 

    • providing leadership in all aspects of our chosen auditing professions
    • exemplifying the principles of integrity, objectivity and competence
    • being fair, responsive, and accountable to our members, the public and other stakeholders
    • providing an atmosphere that attracts the best people to the profession and encourages trust
    • supporting teamwork and a personal commitment to excellence
    • furthering the professional development of our members
    • encouraging active volunteer membership participation in Association affairs
    • maintaining a national and bilingual presence

Our Objectives

    • Be the place where members come to learn, participate and grow
    • Represent and promote the interests of our members and the auditing profession
    • Build a strong and capable organization

Supporting EHS and Risk Management since 1991

Building trust & Measuring progress

Supporting members throughout their auditing careers!

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6 Wigston Private,

Ottawa, ON, K1Y 1K9

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