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sub-Committees and Working Groups

Membership Sub-Committee

The Membership Services Committee is a Standing Sub-Committee of the Board of Directors of The Auditing Association of Canada (AAC).

    • Chair: Michael Herald
    • Co-Chair: Jamie Davies

Western Occupational Health and Safety Alignment (WOHSA) Sub-Committee

Formed in 2019, this Standing Sub-Committee was formed with a mission to explore and implement measures to shape the future of HSE auditing in Western Canada and work to collaborate and align with stakeholders.

    • Chair: Duncan Hawkins
    • Co-Chair: Michael Herald
    • Member: Rosalie Martin
    • Member: Doreen von Gradulewski
    • Member: Kim Sax
    • Member: Gurdev Singh
    • Member: Randy Ward
    • Member: Richard Hart
    • AAC Executive Director (ad hoc attending): Todd Hall

Website & Social Media Sub-Committee

This Standing Sub-Committee works to update our website and co-ordinate and facilitate the sharing of news, resources and events on various social media platforms.

    • Chair: Duncan Hawkins
    • Co-Chair: Brenda MacDonald
    • Member: Troy Herring
    • Member: Kathy Pritchard
    • AAC Executive Director (ad hoc attending): Todd Hall

Webinar Sub-Committee

This is our newest Standing Sub-Committee focused on outreach through webinars and panel discussions to share knowledge and best practices with our members, provide networking opportunities for members, and inform the public on topics related to EHS and auditing.

    • Chair: Sunil Phool
    • Co-Chair: Troy Herring
    • Member: Bram Ashwell
    • Member: Peter Beukema
    • Member: Renee Morais
    • Member: Kathy Pritchard
    • AAC Executive Director (ad hoc attending): Todd Hall

Conference Sub-Committee

This is an ad hoc committee that assembles members for each in person or virtual conference who are local and / or have specific interests or knowledge on the theme for each conference. For the upcoming conference at the Oak Island Resort, NS on September 19 - 21, 2022, the committee includes:

    • Chair: Kathy Pritchard
    • Co-Chair: Peter Beukema
    • Member: Susan Girt
    • Member: Chit Lutchman

CECAB AAC Partnership Agreement Working Group

AAC is a stakeholder with our partner ECO Canada on the Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB) certifying body for Environmental professionals where each organization has three members. We provide technical expertise for specified environmental certification designations as part of our partnership agreement as well as administration and common interests support.

  • AAC Members
    • Member: Sue Keane
    • Member: Colin Duerden
    • Member: Brenda MacDonald
    • AAC Executive Director: Todd Hall

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